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Motown Travel with Pandaphone - Cell Phone Rental

Why Rent?

  • Your US cell phone either does not work in China or has extremely high roaming charges;
  • Guaranteed low rental and airtime rates;
  • Know your phone number before departure;
  • Keep in touch with family and business 24/7;
  • Easy pick-up and drop-off at any location in China;
  • Last minute order not a problem.

Rental Procedure

  1. Choose delivery option
    • Receive phone before departure for China, or
    • Pick up phone upon arrival at any location in China (not available in Hong Kong)
  2. Choose return option
    • Drop off phone at any location in China (not available in Hong Kong)
    • Mail phone to Pandaphone's US address upon return
  3. Place Your Order Online (Enter coupon code MTS to get 15% discount on rental charges), Or Download the fulfillable pdf Order Form for Fax
  4. Stay connected throughout trip

Rental Fees

  • First week rental $10 ($1 each additional day)
  • Round-trip shipping $20 (add $10 for delivery to US)
  • Airtime rates:
    $0.10 - $0.24 per minute on domestic and incoming calls
    $0.48 per minute on calls to USA

Place Your Order

Terms and Conditions:

Rental phone service is provided by Pandaphone. China Visa Service Center (CVSC) promotes this service for the convenience of its clients and is not involved in any other aspect of the service. The rental phone service agreement is strictly between client and Pandaphone, as are any disputes arising from the service. CVSC's liability is strictly limited to providing correct information regarding the service. All phone and related equipment including phone, batteries, SIM card, adapters, bag and other equipment (Phone) is the property of Pandaphone. The person renting and accepting responsibility of the Phone (Client) rents Phone for a period of time (Rental). Client accepts responsibility for the safe return of Phone in essentially same condition as received. If Phone is lost or damaged, Client agrees to pay the replacement cost to Pandaphone of approximately $200. Client is responsible for all rental fees and costs of all calls, including unauthorized calls, associated with Rental. Client's responsibility for fully fraudulent calls is relieved at the time that Client notified Pandaphone that the Phone has been lost or stolen. Pandaphone does not warrant Phone operation. Pandaphone's maximum liability is expressly limited to a refund of rental fees, but not usage charges. By signing the service agreement, the user waives any current or future liability claims against Pandaphone, including but not limited to any claims for damages due to missed calls, incomplete calls, or other product failure. Client agrees to pay all court costs associated with collecting any bad debts related to Rental. If Client intends to extend Rental beyond original return date, Pandaphone must be notified at least 2 business days in advance. Client understands that the Phone will not work in every locale within China and that this and all cellular phones are subject to incomplete or dropped calls and connection interference. Rental charges begin on the latter of the day Clients requests phone to be in his/her possession or the day Client receives Phone. Pandaphone has the option of sending Phone prior to the requested date at no additional cost to Client. Pandaphone will provide Client with detailed billing for all charges. Upon return of the Phone, Pandaphone will calculate a final rental charge. Client understands that any airtime rates quoted are current rates at the time of printing and are to be used as a guide only. Rates will change without notice due to local network price changes. All calls are charged in one-minute increments. Usage of Pandaphone is prohibited as follows: on aircraft of any type and while driving.



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