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Trade Mission Services - FAQ

>> Why China?
China is now one of the United States' largest trading partners with a rapidly expanding plastics sector. Understanding the market and cultural dynamics will significantly improve the opportunity of trade mission participants to tap into this huge resource.

>> Won't a mission like this only encourage more companies to move their operations to China?
Trade Missions are provided to help you understand the competition, identify their competitive advantages and deficiencies, and adjust your business model to position your company to meet that competition head on. The mission does not "encourage" businesses to leave Michigan, but gives businesses the insight needed to make informed decisions in the current global economic climate.

>> Is this something a small business should consider?
Just because you are a small business does not mean you should not think big. Opportunities for small businesses do exist in China through partnering and strategic alliances. Participating in a mission such as this is the best way for a small business to travel within the comfort of a group setting that is organized by Motown Travel Service.

>> If I am a molder or moldmaker, is this trip worthwhile?
This trip is beneficial to all segments of Michigan industries. Attendees will receive first-hand information on how to do business in China. Information that is useful and necessary regardless of which segment of the industry you participate in. The plant tours will look at a variety of processes, but the matchmaking will be tailored to your specific needs.

>> What kind of information will I receive?
You will hear from government, association, educational and industry professionals who have been briefed on the specific needs of the mission. Since attendees submit a company profile, all of the briefings will respond to the concerns of the attendees as representatives of the industry. In addition, since Motown Travel Service is working with the state. Department of Commerce, you will have access to the government researched market and industry reports as well as the numerous business services offered to U.S. companies interested in doing business in China.

>> How does the matchmaking portion of the tour work?
Once you are registered you will be sent a matchmaking form that asks specific questions regarding your company, it's products and your ideal type of business venture. The completed forms are then sent to the Commercial offices in Beijng, Chongqing, Chengdyu and Shanghai and only those Asian companies meeting your specific criteria are given appointments. At the designated time in the itinerary, the mission attendees and pre-screened Chinese companies are given a chance to meet face-to-face (translator provided) to discuss the possibility of working together. The key to good matchmaking appointments is specificity. The more details the attending company can provide, the better the matches.

>> How do I get a passport/visa?
To enter the People's Republic of China, a U.S. citizen must have a valid U.S. passport and Chinese visa. Motown Travel Service is to offer the Visa service to all Mission participants. Details will be available at the Pre-Mission Meeting.

>> Where can I get general travel tips to China?
Please check out the article, "Tips for Travelers to the People's Republic of China", in the Trade Mission's Resources section.



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